SUV vs. streetcar: Lazio footballer Ciro Immobile involved in extremely violent crash

Lazio captain Ciro Immobile was involved in a violent car accident in Rome together with his two daughters. The SUV in which they were travelling crashed into a tram, causing a total of 12 injuries. 

The driver was transferred by ambulance in a yellow code to the Umberto I hospital where he was discharged with a seven-day prognosis.

Immobile suffered a compound fracture of the eleventh right rib and will probably miss the next match. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

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We are in Rome (Italy)
Around 8.30 am last Sunday morning, on a street in the area of Piazza Cinque Giornate in Rome, a serious road accident involved a Land Rover Defender SUV, on board which Lazio team captain Ciro Immobile was travelling, together with his two young daughters. The impact was very strong, with the vehicle crashing into a tram on line 19, knocking it off the rails. The accident left 12 people injured, including the Italian national team footballer.
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The transfer to the hospital
After the impact, Ciro Immobile and his eldest daughter were rushed to the 'Policlinico Gemelli' in Rome for treatment. The Lazio number 17 suffered a spinal distortion injury and a compound fracture of the right eleventh rib. The player is currently being observed in the emergency medicine ward and his participation in the next match is in doubt. The youngest daughter, on the other hand, has been transferred to the Bambino Gesù for investigations.
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The streetcar driver
The driver of the tram, on whose side the impact occurred, also suffered injuries and back pain. Transported by ambulance to the Umberto I hospital, where he was given a seven-day prognosis, he was later discharged and is now following doctor's recommendations. The accident caused some of the tram passengers to fall to the ground, suffering various grazes and bruises.
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The ongoing investigation
At the moment, investigations are being carried out by investigators into the actual causes of the accident. It is still unclear who was responsible and what the exact sequence of events was that led to the violent impact between the SUV and the tram. However, there is general relief that, fortunately, none of the 12 injured suffered serious or life-threatening injuries.
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The reactions
The incident caused great concern and filled the media with news and comments. Many were those who expressed their solidarity and support for Ciro Immobile and his family, wishing them a speedy recovery. The Lazio football club expressed solidarity with their player and activated procedures to guarantee him appropriate medical assistance.
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