The ten biggest robberies in history

Trying to appropriate what does not belong to us has always been a characteristic of human beings. Moreover, ever since banks were invented, even violent robberies have been the order of the day.

Let's forget Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven, some criminals have really tried, to rob millions of dollars from the world's safest banks, to some these have even succeeded, securing a huge fortune after taking great risks.

The magazine Focus has created a ranking of the ten biggest and most profitable robberies in history. Some of them have secured staggering sums of money for the robbers.

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Central Bank of Iraq (March 18, 2003 - about $1 billion)
Baghdad (Iraq) - Before the U.S. invasion, former dictator Saddam Hussen had his son withdraw about a billion dollars from his (state-owned) bank to put them "in a safe place" away from the enemy. They ended up in the walls of one of his palaces.
Dar Es Salaam Bank (July 11, 2007 - about 282 million euros)
Baghdad (Iraq) - A group of guards inside the financial institution thought up this robbery. How the money was transported, to this day, remains unknown.
Knightsbridge Security Deposit (July 12, 1987 - approximately 220 million)
Knightsbridge (United Kingdom) - Author of the theft was the Italian Valerio Viccei. Pretending to be interested in purchasing a safe deposit box, he had himself escorted inside before leveling his weapons and having the vault opened.
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Schiphol Airport (Feb. 25, 2005 - about $120 million)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) - This was a robbery in which two men disguised as vigilantes managed to intercept a truck carrying diamonds.
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British Bank of the Middle East ( January 20, 1976 - about $120 million)
Beirut (Lebanon) - It was organized by a terrorist group linked to the OLP. This is a "Old School" robbery, where they forced their way in with weapons, explosives and locksmiths skilled in opening locks.
Harry Winston Diamond (Dec. 5, 2003 - approximately $110 million)
Paris (France) - Douadi Yahiaoui was the leader of a gang of four robbers who entered the jewelry store dressed as women. Personally threatening the sales clerks, whose names they knew, they took everything without using violence.
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Antwerp Diamond Center (Feb. 16, 2003 - about 100 million euros)
Antwerp (Belgium) - This robbery was very skillful, led by the Italian Leonardo Notarbartolo. The gang managed very skillfully to evade cameras, heat sensors and other security systems, emptying the vault after guessing the combination.
Senado Federal -
Banco Central (Aug. 6-7, 2005 - about 71.5 million)
Fortaleza (Brazil) - This robbery sounds like a movie. A 25-member gang dug an 80-meter tunnel, posing as gardeners, all the way into the bank vault.
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Securitas Depot (Feb. 21-22, 2006 - about $65 million)
Tonbridge (United Kingdom) - This was a violent robbery. A gang of a few members took the family of the depot manager hostage, forcing him to open safes, and then escaping in a white van.
United California Bank (March 24, 1972 - 60 million)
Laguna Niguel (USA) - Amil Dinsio led a gang of robbers in looting this California warehouse. To this day, the exact dynamics remain unknown.
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