Woman missing for 5 days in a forest: lollipop and wine save her from death

A 48-year-old woman named Lillian Ip survived for five days in the wilds of Australia without water or food, eating only lollipops and drinking a bottle of wine. She left for a short trip, 

Lillian ended up in a dead end and her car got stuck in the mud. After clinging to the bottle of wine and the few snacks present, the woman was discovered by emergency services who were flying over the area. 

After being treated for dehydration, Lillian returned home to Melbourne, happy to have survived the challenge.

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We are in Australia
A simple wrong turn with her car (a Honda Jazz) turned a Melbourne woman's picturesque high country holiday into a struggle for survival. Forty-eight-year-old Lillian Ip survived for five days in the wilderness of Victoria State in Australia without water or food. She left on Sunday to take a short trip, found herself in a dead end and her car was stuck in the mud. She did not have the essentials to survive with her. Only a bottle of wine bought as a gift for her mother and a few snacks.
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The finding
As the BBC writes, Lillian was trying to drive to Dartmouth Dam when she reached a dead end on the Yankee Point Track and realised she had taken a wrong turn. She was discovered by emergency services who were flying over the area in a helicopter. Found 60 kilometres from the nearest centre, the woman was dehydrated but fine. The discovery was a relief for the woman, who had suffered the disorienting experience of being stranded in the wilderness for days, not knowing if anyone would ever notice her absence.
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A lucky woman
Lillian was lucky to have found a way to survive by eating lollipops and drinking her bottle of wine. Despite the mishap, the woman kept her wits about her and immediately asked for water and cigarettes once she was found. Police later reported that the woman was taken to hospital to be treated for dehydration, but has already returned to her home in Melbourne.
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Steady nerves
Lillian waited for help with nothing but a blanket, a fruit box and that bottle of wine she was forced to consume even though she is not a drinker. Lillian is a teetotaler. When asked what it tasted like, she quickly responded with a swear word.
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The statements
"I thought I was going to die out there". "I was going to give up." The police pointed out that Lillian Ip had been unable to leave the car to seek help due to health problems. It is not reported whether the woman had a smartphone with her. "I am an adventurous person, but next time I will be better prepared," she concluded.
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