Mad rush of the rebel cow, old west scenes along a highway

A cow escaping on the highway. We are in Oakland County, Michigan, USA, and the scene captured by the police car camera looks like a movie set. 

A policeman manoeuvres the quad bike, trying to give direction to the cattle, the patrol car stops traffic, while the cowboy twirls the rope trying to lasso it but with little result. 

After a few minutes and several attempts the cowboy made the decisive throw and the animal was caught and returned to its herd in excellent condition.

photo video Michigan police
We are in Oakland County, Michigan, U.S.
It was Sunday afternoon on the I-75 highway north of Detroit and the scene captured by the Michigan police car camera looked like the set of a movie. A cow is on the run.
photo video Michigan police
Images from western movies
And the video posted on social media by the Michigan police is attracting the attention of many because of the spectacular nature of the images. In these, officers can be seen chasing the cow that had escaped from a farm right along a highway. The animal ran in panic, endangering its own life and that of passing motorists.
photo video Michigan police
The pursuit
After ascertaining the situation, the officers immediately contacted a cowboy to help them capture the cow. Initially, the cowboy tried to approach with his horse slowly so as not to frighten the animal, but to no avail. The cow continued to run away, while the officers continued to follow them in their car, avoiding losing sight of the animal.
photo video Michigan police
The cowboy feat
After a few minutes, the herdsman managed to lasso the cow, but it was not easy. The animal, still frightened, resisted capture for a few moments. The officers paid close attention and co-operated with the cowboy to prevent the animal from injuring itself or anyone else.
photo video Michigan police
Mission success
Thanks to the cooperation between the officers and the herdsman, the cow was finally caught and brought safely back to the herd. Upon reaching the shelter, the animal was given a veterinary examination and was not injured or damaged.
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