Driving car with a swarm of bees above his head, Yao becomes a "legend"

A viral video on Chinese social media shows a man named Yao continuing to drive calmly with a hive of bees above his head inside his car.

The wild bees had been gathering in the car for about a day, while the driver recorded several selfie videos with the bees.

Despite his fear of the bees, Yao smiled and said that "I'm going to be rich" since some people believe that a bee visiting your home is a good omen. Some people online were frightened by the vivid image, but others labeled it as a legendary man who keeps bees as pets.

Many expressed surprise that bees congregate inside vehicles instead of on tree branches. The video has received millions of views in China.

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We are in Huangshan, China
Driving calmly with a hive of bees in the car. Would you be able to it? But that's what happened to Yao a man from the city of Huangshan, China.
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Social media were flooded
Chinese social media has been flooded with pictures and videos showing Yao calmly driving his car while hundreds of honeybees swarm above his head in a hive they have built inside the car.
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Video goes viral in China
The video was filmed by a passenger who was returning to his hometown and caught the attention of millions of people in China.
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Bees gather in the car for a day
The passenger reported that wild bees had been congregating in the car for about a day before the video was taken.
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Yao wasn't scared of bees
Yao recorded several video selfies with bees, and in one of them he pointed out the hive behind him and said with a big smile, "Take a look! I'm going to be rich." Referring to the belief of some in China that a bee visiting your home is a good omen.
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The thoughts of the experts
Researchers published an article in Nature Physics where they explain that departing bees usually gather in a mass formation for protection before finding a new place to live. However, bees usually gather on tree branches, not inside cars.
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The passenger was not afraid
The passenger who "helped" Yao with the filming and photos said that she too was not afraid because after growing up in that area she knew that wild insects would not attack people.
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The videos and images startled the web
Despite the driver's calmness, the vivid footage gave many online observers "goosebumps."
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The driver is called a legend on social media
The driver has been called a legend on social media for his extraordinary calm and ability to keep bees as pets.
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Some reactions on social media
"I can't believe he spent a whole day in peace with the bees! I dare not spend a minute together with them," said one person. "I'm not afraid of the bees themselves. I am phobic that they cluster so densely, " said another.
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