Never open the car door without looking, these could be the consequences 

A creepy sequence filmed by the security cameras of a city in China. A coincidence that could prove fatal for a motorcyclist.

The biker, trying to overtake on the right a large tir Mercedes that was proceeding slowly on the road, unfortunately hit the door of a careless driver, who had recently parked his sedan. The carom was one of those that you just do not expect. The motorcyclist ends up against the car door and is jumped with his whole body on the trajectory of the tir Mercedes. The driver of the tir notices in time the body on the road and promptly brakes. The motorcyclist's body ends up completely under the tir but fortunately remains unharmed, as it does not get crushed by the large articulated vehicle.

A video that makes you "break out in a cold sweat", and this time fate was benevolent. The motorcyclist was saved by a miracle.

photo screenshot video

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