In the wrong place at the wrong time, this incident is really absurd

An accident, which occurred on the Ronald Reagan Freeway  in Twin Lakes, California (just north of Los Angeles), was captured by dashcam of the user's Tesla Twitter Anoop . And what his camera caught looks like a scene from a movie like "Final Destination" .

A Kia Soul was proceeding undisturbed on Highway 118. Everything seemed normal until the unfortunate Kia Soul came alongside a Chevy Silverado.

Just then the unexpected happened. The left front wheel of Chevy Silverado suddenly came off, ending up directly in front of Kia. The Korean car literally took off.

Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
We are in California (United States)
A strange incident worthy of a "Final Destination" style movie was recorded by a dashcam Tesla on Highway 118 near Los Angeles in California.
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
An incredible fatality
The driver of a Kia Soul was proceeding undisturbed on Ronald Reagan Freeway at Twin Lakes, California (just north of Los Angeles). The Kia changes lanes from the passing lane to the center lane. It pulls alongside a Chevy Silverado. And just at that instant the pick-up suddenly loses its left front wheel.
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
An absurd scenario
The Kia Soul is exactly in the trajectory of the wheel that has disengaged from pick-up and hits it hard. But the wheel is not bounced. It ends up under the car catapulting the ill-fated Korean car into the air.
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
Angel Flight
The unfortunate driver literally takes off in his car. We can't imagine what he might have been thinking at that moment.
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
Crash on the ground
As the pick-up begins a maneuver to pull over into the emergency lane, the Kia Soul crashes to the ground. Fortunately, according to the Tesla driver (user Twitter Anoop_Khatra) who posted the video, the driver of the Kia Soul got out of the car unharmed. Surprising (fortunately).
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
In addition to the harm, the mockery
To make matters worse, the free wheel of Chevy Silverado returned to the "scene of the crime" and once again hit the Kia Soul, this time crashing into the rear of the vehicle.
Photo screenshot video twitter @Anoop_Khatra
This is not the first time
It is unclear how the wheel of the Chevy Silverado could have disengaged so suddenly. Probably a break in the wheel spacer. We learn from the U.S. media that a similar incident had occurred a couple of years ago on Interstate 80 outside Gary, Indiana (USA), where a Toyota RAV4 had gone the same way as the Kia Soul (, here is the video.
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