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Panic in Brooklyn, five-feet alligator caught in a park

An alligator nearly five feet long was caught in Lake Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, in an area popular with children and passersby.

Breaking the news was New York Post accompanied by images of the animal's capture provided directly by park operators. The alligator was immediately taken to an animal center in the area.

According to the head of the parks department Meghan Lalor, the alligator was probably a pet that its owner decided to abandon.

photo NYC Parks
The sensational finding
A small alligator, about five feet long, was found in New York in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. The reptile was renamed Godzilla and taken to the Bronx zoo. The reptile was in a popular area with children and passersby
photo NYC Parks
It was abandoned
The news was given by the New York Post, accompanied by pictures of the animal's capture. According to Meghan Lalor, head of the parks department, the alligator was probably a pet that its owner decided to abandon.
photo NYC Parks
It was in a state of hypothermia
Alligators are native to the southern United States, in warm places with tropical climates such as Louisiana and Florida. According to New York City Parks, the agency that manages the green areas of the American metropolis, the alligator specimen found in a park pond survived on a day when the maximum temperature in New York was 9 degrees Celsius. The alligator was in poor condition, suffering from hypothermia and in an almost lethargic state.
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Some concern
Regular visitors to the park have expressed some concern about the presence of the alligator in the pond. Many children play in that section of the park every day. Abandoned alligators periodically stray in New York City. Authorities rescue a handful each year in a variety of situations.
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This is not the first time
The last time an alligator was found in New York was in June 2001, when it took five days of sightings and chases before the specimen wandering around Central Park was captured.
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