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Captured 'the monster' wanted for 23 years: it is a catfish of almost 3 metres

An extraordinary catch in Italian freshwater: a 'monster' in the Po River. It is an enormous catfish that surprised everyone. 

Alessandro Biancardi managed to catch it after a strenuous fight that lasted 43 minutes in the Revere area in the province of Mantua (Italy). 

This incredible discovery is the result of 23 years of research and dedication. The catfish measured 285 centimetres, exceeding the existing world record by four centimetres.

After the necessary measurements had been taken, the almost 3-metre giant was promptly released and returned to the waters of the river.

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We are in Revere, Mantua (Italy)
His name is Alessandro Biancardi, the fisherman who is making waves these days. In fact, he may go down in history for having caught (and then released) an almost 3-metre catfish. The incredible encounter took place a few days ago, when Biancardi was fishing in the waters of the river Po, in the area of Revere in the province of Mantua (Italy).
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The fight with the prehistoric fish
Attached to Biancardi's line was in fact an enormous wels catfish: 285 centimetres to be precise. If the measurement is confirmed, it would be a world record: four centimetres more than the previous specimen. A 23-year wait, Biancardi himself pointed out. After a few casts, the fisherman had a powerful attack and then a very complicated fight, amid strong currents and many submerged obstacles. He calmly managed to fight off what he felt was a prehistoric fish.
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The wels catfish, the "monster" of emotion
The fish was so strong that the fisherman had to beach it in order to catch it. "I was sure that the fish I caught was special, but I never imagined what would happen next when we measured the fish on the cloth. Under the incredulous eyes of many fishermen, the metre stopped at 285 centimetres, which is a new world record for the wels catfish." The adrenaline started pumping hard and the fear of missing it almost sent Biancardi into a panic. He was alone in front of the biggest wels catfish he had seen in 23 years.
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The statements
"I measured the huge fish but I could not weigh it," he explains, "because the weight of its body, turning it over, could have crushed its internal organs and caused its death. I couldn't afford to kill a wels catfish of about 50-60 years of age, so I released it".
Liberation and respect for nature
The release of the fish also demonstrates the responsibility of this fisherman who knows the rules about respecting nature. Sport fishing must respect the limits of legality and sustainability, promoting knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and fish. For this reason, sport fishing in Italy is regulated by law and there are numerous bodies that regulate its practice, the protection of environments and the promotion of the activity.
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