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The most capacious stadiums in the world

The spectacle of live soccer is always something beautiful, but it is even better if it is accompanied by an evocative setting such as a quality stadium.

The collective participation of the masses in a sporting event is one of the cornerstones of our modern society, which is precisely why more and more gigantic, fascinating and complex facilities have been built in recent decades.

The more people who follow the event, the more that event becomes important in terms of image and even prestige. Some stadiums are capable of holding more than 140,000 people at once. Referring only to stadiums used almost exclusively for soccer, here is a ranking of the largest and most capacious in the world.

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Rungrado May Day Stadium - Pyongyang - North Korea - Capacity: 140,000 people
Opened in 1989, May Day Stadium is the largest facility in the world. In addition to hosting some soccer matches, the stadium also hosts athletic competitions and, most importantly, the so-called "Festival of Arirang": a real annual spectacle organized by the regime.
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Camp Nou - Barcelona - Spain - Capacity: 99,000 people
Barcelona's stadium is undoubtedly the largest in Europe in terms of attendance. It is also one of the most modern, and one of the richest in history in all of world soccer. Opened in 1957, it has undergone several renovations over the years that have made it what it is now.
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First National Bank Stadium - Johannesburg - South Africa - Capacity: 94,000 people
Built in an urban area of Johannesburg, it is also called “Soccer City". The stadium also hosts national soccer and rugby matches and is nicknamed 'The Calabash" because of its shape similar to a typical African pot.
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The Rose Bowl - Pasadena - USA - Capacity: 92,500 thousand people
Soccer games were played in this stadium until 2003, including even the 1994 World Cup fatal to Italy's Roberto Baggio against Brazil. Opened in 1923, to this day it is dedicated exclusively to American, college and professional football, but it has a very long history as a soccer facility.
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Wembley - London - England - Capacity: 90,000 people
The stadium where Italy won the last European Championship and, without a doubt, one of the most famous and prestigious facilities in the world. Born in 2007 on the ashes of the "old Wembley", it is the second largest stadium in all of Europe.
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Azteca - Mexico City - Capacity: 87,500
This stadium will remain in soccer history for hosting "the match of the century," namely the 1970 World Cup semifinal in Mexico between Italy and West Germany, which ended 4-3 to the Azzurri.
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