Record-breaking speed with an electric skateboard, the result is from the Guinness Book of Records

The Australian engineer Raine Kent entered the Guinness World Record thanks to a very particular speed record. With an electric skateboard he built, he broke through the 132 km/h barrier.

The record, recorded last September 17 but approved only recently, was carried out on board an electric skateboard built by the same Kent.

But how do you achieve such speed on a small board? The engineer Kent designed everything in detail. And electric skateboard are becoming popular in many countries for those who move around the city.

photo by Raine Kent
Broke through the 132 km/h barrier on one skateboard
It is called Raine Kent the man who managed with an electric skateboard to reach the record speed of 132.37 km / h entering the Guinness World Record.
photo by Raine Kent
Who is Raine Kent
Raine Kent is an Australian mechanical engineer with a passion for electric skateboard and speed. He is so passionate about them that he started designing and building them for himself.
photo by Raine Kent
Thee-skateboard of record is of his company
The record, registered last September 17 but only recently approved, was carried out on board an electric skateboard built by the same Kent. Raine is in fact the owner of Raith, a brand founded after graduation and specialized in the construction of this type of vehicle, increasingly popular all over the world.
photo by Raine Kent
But how do you achieve such speed on a skateboard?
Premise. The previous record was 95 km/h. And the engineer Kent designed everything in detail to overcome it. In addition to the engine, he took care of drawing with precision not only the table but above all the corners of the carriage to reduce that phenomenon that skaters call "speed wobbles" for which the skate can start to oscillate as the speed increases, turning into something Very dangerous if not lethal.
photo by Raine Kent
The words of Raine Kent
"I love the adrenaline rush you get on thee-skateboard. It was very scary but exciting at the same time, and to accomplish something I had been thinking about for so long gave me great satisfaction," said Raine, who hopes with his venture to find sponsors for his company. 
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