Rescuer saves cat and adopts it, the story

Cat rescued in Turkey won't break away from his rescuer: he adopts him (and makes him a social star).

The feline's affectionate appreciation impressed the national mountain bike rider Ali Cakas: named him Enkaz (meaning "Debris") and took him home with him.

After being pulled from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey, he no longer wanted to part with those who had rescued him.

Although a happy ending, the incident makes it very clear how the emergency in Turkey and Syria also affects thousands of animals.

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Rescuer saves cat and adopts it, the story
The incident occurred in Turkey in the past few days. After being pulled from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey, the cat no longer wanted to be separated from those who had rescued him.
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The rescuer is Ali Cakas
A cyclist for the Turkish national mountain bike team, he has been busy in recent weeks providing relief to those affected by the Feb. 6 earthquake.
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The bond
Ali Cakas on his official Instagram profile he recounted that at the time of the cat's rescue, which was spotted under a collapsed building, the feline did not want to leave his "rescuer" any longer.
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The search for the owner
Ali Cakas naturally went out of his way to check whether the cat had an owner, but without finding any matches to that effect. So he decided to adopt it, taking it home with him to the city of Mardin.
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"He is now in good hands."
That's what Ali Cakas wrote in a post published Wednesday on his official Instagram profile. In addition, given the immediate interest that the affair aroused on social media, he also proceeded to open a personal profile of the four-legged animal, which has already surpassed 20,000 followers in just a few days.
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Many positive comments
Among user comments, a shower of thanks for the adoption: "You both found each other and chose each other," one reads, for example, "Heaven willed this good fortune for you!", "Together you will be very happy," and so on.
Instagram @jcaks_1
The International Animal Protection Organization has launched an extraordinary fundraiser to benefit the homeless specimens, who are forced to wander in search of food and shelter.
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