Chain rear-end collision: the "phantom braking" of a Tesla Model S involves 8 cars in a tunnel

The portal The Intercept publishes the video, taken by security cameras, of an incident that took place inside the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. A Tesla stops for no reason, starting a rear-end collision. It is the so-called "phantom braking", a defect in the "Full Self-Driving" mode that many Teslaowners are complaining about.

Nine people were injured in this incident, including a child just 2 years old. Child who suffered an abrasion in the left back of the head and a bruise. None of the nine injured were ever in danger of death. To confirm the use of the mode Full Self-Driving the driver of the Tesla who, as we see, was not involved in the accident.

The incident dates back to "Thanksgiving" Day, November 24. The footage, shot by surveillance cameras, was posted by the website "The Intercept" leveraging the California Data Transparency Act.

photo video The Intercept

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