Sensational in Monte Carlo, minicar flips on famous Formula 1 curve

A minicar flipped over while making the Fairmont turn in Monte Carlo, France. The video of the Citroen Ami immediately went viral.

The car can be seen taking the curve at great speed losing grip. At that point it spins on two wheels, to flip over and end up against the guard rail.

One of the slowest corners in the Formula 1 world championship tackled at full speed with a small, lightweight electric quadricycle.

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We are in Monte Carlo (France)
One of the slowest corners of the Formula 1 world championship tackled at full speed with a small, lightweight electric minicar. Disastrous outcome. The protagonist was a Citroen Ami that on the roads of the Principality of Monaco, the same roads on which F1 single-seaters run at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, ended up tipping over on its side due to high speed.
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A 16-year-old boy was driving
They are a 16-year-old boy and the 22-year-old passenger who was next to him. Both were transported to the Princess Grace Hospital Center, they are not in a worrying or life-threatening condition. They got away with a big scare. Was the boy allowed to drive that vehicle? Yes, it is a two-seater that does not require a license and can be driven from the age of 14 and has a maximum speed of 45 km/h.
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A curve that needs to be tackled slowly
In Monte Carlo that corner is a very tight hairpin. The hairpin turn is one of the slowest in the F1 World Championship. To tackle it, drivers have to turn the steering wheel to the left for more than 180 degrees and hold at 50 km/h. If it is tackled incorrectly the risk is high.
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It takes skill
The awareness for the two boys that a Citroen Ami does not have the same grip as Charles Leclerc's Ferrari or Max Verstappen's Red Bull... and that neither has the same talent.
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An historical turn
The turns of the Monte Carlo circuit in the Principality of Monaco (France) are among the most famous in the world. This one is officially the 'Fairmont Hairpin' named after the hotel above it, at the behest of the Automobile Club of Monaco. The previous name was the 'Loews' named after the second largest casino in Monte Carlo, adjacent to the Grand Casino.
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