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Underwater bike parking, in Amsterdam the incredible project is a reality

The passion of the Dutch for bicycles is now known worldwide, so much so that in Amsterdam, the number of bicycles exceeds the number of inhabitants.

This brings as a dowry some logistical problems, for example, the lack and saturation of parking spaces or the lack of security for parked bicycles.

The municipality of the Dutch capital therefore came up with an ingenious solution: the construction of two new parking lots around the central station, one underwater and one underground, capable of holding up to 11,000 total bicycles. Built in cooperation with the Amsterdam Museum, these two parking lots are a harmonious and convenient solution to the problem of bike parking in the city.

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Amsterdam getting greener
Amsterdam is a city full of bicycles, partly because of the lay of the land. That is why the city government has created two new bicycle parking lots located underwater, true engineering gems. Located near the station, they are connected to both the subway and the central station. The first 24 hours of parking will be free, and then you will pay just €1.35 per day.
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Two new parking lots underwater
The first parking garage, called "garage Stationsplein" designed by wUrck, can hold up to 7,000 bicycles and was opened to the public on January 26, 2023. The second, located on nearby IJboulevard, will hold 4,000 and will open in February. In total, the public administration has spent 85 million euros on these two projects.
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A harmonious place
It will not be a dark and dank parking lot, but instead will be a harmonious environment, as "the use of daylight and high-quality, lightweight materials gives the bicycle shed a pleasant feel," according to Oriol Casas Cancer, architect and partner of wUrck.
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The theme of parking
Having been made in collaboration with the museum at Amsterdam, the parking lots also have a theme, namely water. The idea is for the cyclist to enter of a giant imaginary oyster, with a rough outer part of basalt and natural stone and a smooth, clear inner area. The shed at "Stationsplein", the larger of the two parking lots, also features two graffiti pieces by the late artist Lex Horn.
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How to access the parking lot
To access the parking lot, you need a Dutch transport card, the OV-chipkaart, or even the Fietstag, i.e., a chip that gives you the ability to register your vehicle. Most of the space is dedicated to private citizens' bikes, but there will also be space for shared bikes. The entrance and exit are connected with a bike lane. Reporter Thomas Ricker reported, however, that there are currently no outlets for electric bikes.
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