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Long-range transport drone, range of 965km and travels at 240km/h

The technology of unmanned vehicles, or drones, is making great strides, and may soon have noteworthy commercial applications. Specifically, the company MightyFly has reportedly received approval to begin the latest phase of testing for its drone, which would be capable of carrying packages over 900 kilometers completely autonomously, without a pilot and without the need for stops.

The technology used for this drone, which continues to be improved, will enable it to revolutionize the world of air deliveries, halving time and especially costs for both the company and end users.

A new era is about to unfold in this industry, and those who are starting before others will be ahead of the curve in the future as well.

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The future of delivery with "Cento" of the MightyFly
Delivery using long-range drones is reportedly about to become a reality after the "Cento VTOL" of MightyFly was approved by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The aircraft has been given the green light to undergo medium- and long-range delivery evaluation.
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A new way to deliver
The drone is a vehicle capable of taking off and landing vertically, with an estimated range of 600 miles (965 km) and a payload capacity, at present, of 45 kg (100 pounds).
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What changes with the new MightyFly drone 
MightyFly wants to create change in the most cost-complicated segment for businesses. Last-mile delivery from hub to final recipients. The traditional business model consists of ground transportation, which is the most expensive.
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Some features of the MightyFly
Although range and lift capacity are impressive as it is, the "Cento" has many other qualities that differentiate it from unmanned aerial transport solutions. The aircraft can reach close to 150 mph (240 km/h), weighs 355 pounds (with maximum load), and has a fairly small footprint.
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The size of "Cento" and the battery
MightyFly measures 4 meters in length and 5 meters in wingspan (four meters by five meters), the Cento needs a landing area of about two standard parking spaces. The battery pack of the eight electric motors used for takeoff and landing can recharge mid-flight, thanks to the hybrid propulsion system.
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Where the "Cento" gains time
A 30-hp (30.4 PS) heat engine manages to generate electricity that is used to recharge the batteries when the aircraft is in flight. This allows the "Cento" to have much shorter delivery times, removing the need for static charging stops on the ground.
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Minimal human contribution
The MF-100's loading platform "Cento" is capable of carrying 96 small mail packages to their destination. Loading/unloading is done by a conveyor belt system, reducing human intervention in delivery and pickup operations by the ground station.
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This will not be the final version
Although the testing phase began during December 2022, MightyFly reportedly plans to expand its drone to a more efficient model with a 500-pound (227-kilogram) carrying capacity.
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The security system
The drone's redundant safety system, Distributed Electric Propulsion, monitors the operation of the rotors during landing. If one of the propellers malfunctions or fails, the other units compensate for lift to enable a safe landing maneuver.
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An expanding project
With this solution, MightyFly aims to solve and avoid common obstacles, such as traffic, the structure of the road system or the ease of reaching the delivery address. The company, founded in 2019, managed to secure $5.1 million in initial funding in April 2021 and is now looking for logistics partners to expand its business model.
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